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CachingThreadedResolver'The class to be used to resolve DNS names. Scrapy provides an alternative resolver, scrapy. ScrapyHTTPClientFactory'Defines a Twisted protocol. Scrapy default context factory does NOT perform remote server certificate verification. This is usually fine for web scraping.

If you do need 5lovelanguages com server certificate verification enabled, Scrapy also has another context factory class that you can set, 'scrapy. The setting should contain a string in the OpenSSL cipher list format, these ciphers will be used as client ciphers.

Changing this setting may be necessary to access certain HTTPS websites: for example, you may need to exercise machines 'DEFAULT:.

DH' 5lovelanguages com a website with weak DH parameters or enable a specific cipher that is not included in DEFAULT if a website requires it. The kind of information logged depends on the versions of OpenSSL and pyOpenSSL. A dict containing the downloader middlewares enabled in your project, and their orders. For more info see Activating a downloader middleware. Low orders are closer to the engine, high orders are closer to the downloader.

The amount of time (in secs) that the downloader should wait before downloading consecutive pages from the same website. This can be used to throttle the crawling speed to avoid hitting servers too hard. Decimal numbers are supported. A dict containing the request downloader handlers enabled in your project. Future 5lovelanguages com versions may introduce related changes without a deprecation period or warning.

No setting to specify a 5lovelanguages com frame size larger than the default value, 16384. Connections to servers that send a larger frame will fail.

No support for server pushes, which are ignored. Whether or not 5lovelanguages com fail on broken responses, that is, declared Content-Length does not match content sent by the server or chunked response was not properly finish. If False, these responses are passed through and the flag dataloss is added to the response, 5lovelanguages com. A broken response, or data loss error, may happen under several circumstances, from server misconfiguration to network errors to data 5lovelanguages com. It is up to the user to decide if 5lovelanguages com makes sense to process broken responses considering they may contain partial or incomplete content.

RFPDupeFilter'The default (RFPDupeFilter) filters based on request fingerprint using the scrapy. This method should accept scrapy Request object and return its fingerprint (a string).

Be very careful about this however, because you can get into crawling loops. By default, RFPDupeFilter only logs the first duplicate request. Default: vi (on Unix systems) amps johnson the IDLE editor (on Windows)The editor 5lovelanguages com use for editing spiders with the edit command.

Additionally, if the EDITOR environment variable is set, the edit command will prefer it over the default setting. This setting contains 5lovelanguages com stable built-in extensions. Keep in mind that some of them need to be enabled through a setting. For more information See the extensions user guide and the list of available extensions. The Feed Temp dir allows you to set a custom folder to save crawler temporary files before uploading with FTP feed storage and 5lovelanguages com S3.



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