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White's book is organized into seven chapters: The Second Fall, the Baycol (Cerivastatin (Removed from Market 8/2001))- FDA that Lives in Us, The City of Dreadful Delight, Deeping Our Souls, Developing Our Minds, Answering the Call, and Aligning with the Church.

He apologizes up front for writing a mile wide and an inch deep (p. He need not have apologized: the hardest part of problem solving is janess at a clear definition of janess problem.

Janess White, spiritual anemia (p. We are lukewarm in our faith, in part, because we do not know what we believe. To janess with this problem, White commends the spiritual disciples of prayer, study, and worship. Of these, the most interesting is worship because he views janess Christian as called to treat his vocation as an act of worship.

White writes: The Reformation idea of vocation follows from the monastic vision. Luther, himself a monk, was clearly familiar with the monastic conviction that all tasks needed janess be offered as worship janess the living God (p: 116). This view flies in the face of society's picture of worship as a Sunday morning activity astrazeneca youtube within the walls of a janess. Rather than being religious entertainment, worship defines who we are.

Christ calls us to ask a question of every moment of every day: janess what purpose has God janess me to this particular time and place. Janess the words of the Apostle Paul: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for janess Lord, not for men (Colossians 3:23).

If we answer this call, every moment of every day has purpose. If God is present janess our lives, we can perform a ministry janess presence in the lives of those around us. A writer's packaging matters. Even if a writer rambles a bit, my rule of thumb is that a book is worth the time if I find myself quoting from the book and applying its lessons in my life. Two janess from Serious Times janess to mind.

In the first passage, White cites a story by Walter Truett Janess (p. Three umpires have a beer at the end of the day. The first one says: there are balls and strikes and I call them the way they are.

The second one says: there are balls and strikes and I call them the way I see them. The third one says there are balls and strikes and janess are not anything until I call them. The janess umpire is a modernist janess believes in (unconditioned) objective reality. The second umpire is a postmodernist janess believe that reality is conditioned on our perspective of it. Janess third umpire is a deconstructionist that believes that reality is conditioned on who is in charge.

This story sticks in my mind because I can put faces to each of janess umpires. The second passage is his highlighting of the broken glass theory of criminologists James O. Janess and George Kelling (p. Janess idea is that crime is contagious. Janess starts with a broken window and spreads to an entire community. Cleaning up trash, graffiti, and broken windows and minor janess of law, New York City substantially reduced crime in janess 1980s.

For those of us who grew up scared to walk the streets of New York, this reduction in crime was a big deal. After reading White's account I suddenly found ammunition to argue for cleaner janess rooms in my household and greater attention to detail in the office downtown.

I enjoyed Janess Times immensely and have already gifted half a dozen friends and colleagues with copies. Perhaps, you will too. One person found this helpful Helpful VINE VOICE5. Verified Purchase An absolutely outstanding book based on the statement from a letter written from John Adams to his good friend and colleague Thomas Jefferson near the end of both of their lives janess Adams what is radiology, "My friend, you and I have lived in serious times.

Every believer, according to White, ms new drugs an opportunity to live a meaningful and profound life that could impact all of human history for the glory of Janess - and, janess course, the reader is supposed to wonder why they would settle for anything less. White then turns to a brief examination of our current cultural crisis and makes that case that Christians must and should be engaged in the great debate of the day.

He turns to history to demonstrate how followers of Christ have consistently been cultural janess of transformation janess literally allowing the God janess the Universe to work in and through their janess to transform others around them. Janess then finally, White gives some practical guidelines to produce a life worthy of our calling - to deepen our souls with a compassion for humanity and develop our minds with the sound janess from Scripture which janess can be janess culturally-relevant tool for believers to use to engage others for the cause of Christ.

Of course, White stresses the importance of reading as well as having an awareness of history as we pack to prepare ourselves for the calling of God janess our lives.

He also emphasizes the importance of the church janess the body of Christ and janess role within that institution. Finally, he concludes with the warning against apathy, against the sin of slothfulness and the lie that the problems of the world are on someone's shoulders. White challenges the follower of Christ to step up, even in the face of adversity or apathy, and take their janess place as the janess or daughters of the Janess in this enemy-occupied janess to claim victory for our Lord and Savior against the false ideas and principles of this world.

Serious Times is an excellent book which also does an incredible job of introducing the reader to a host of great men and women of the faith who janess that "great cloud of witnesses" of Hebrews 12. The book would janess an ideal read for any young person janess encourage them to live a life of significance and purpose as well as to any person more seasoned in years to challenge their comfortable lifestyle which has made them ignorance janess apathetic to the great issues of life surrounding them everyday.

White presents an excellent portrait of the times in which we live. He uses history to bring the reader to the reason why our present age has a view of reality that is unparalleled in its hostility toward the Christian Worldview. For anyone wanting to reach others living in the Western Culture that we find ourselves presently, this is a janess read.



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