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Go to Drive or a Docs, Loss weight surgery, or Slides home screen. Open the sharing box: In Drive: Select the file or folder and click the share icon at the top. In a Docs, Sheets, or Slides home screen: Open the file and click Share in the top-right corner of the file If the new owner already has edit access, skip to Step 4.

Otherwise, follow these steps: Type the email address of the new owner in the "Invite people" field Click Share and save. Click Advanced in the bottom-right corner of the sharing box. Click the drop-down menu loss weight surgery to the name of the person you want to own the file or folder. Stay In Touch With Information Technology Staff Snail Mail Information Technology Hampshire College 893 West Bondormin Amherst, MA 01002 413.

The basic needs safety net for South Lane county. Community Sharing was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency in 1982. Our purpose is to help residents of South Lane County remain fed, housed, and safe while they work towards self-sufficiency. Volunteers help us keep our loss weight surgery pantry well-stocked and our clothes closet well-organized.

We provide information and referrals to assistance available through other area programs and businesses. Please continue to read further to learn the details of our assistance programs and about how you can help to help our neighbors during their moment of need. Information concerning applicants and recipients are not disclosed without authorization. All records and files containing such information are appropriately secured.

Box 351 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 Phone: 541-942-2176 Fax: 541-767-0373Community Sharing Program is an equal opportunity providerClient Services Hours Monday: 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 am to 3:30 pm X Absolutely.

Snow Closure Policy: Community Sharing is typically closed when South Lane School District PlasmaLyte A (Multiple Electrolytes Injection)- FDA closed.

We knew where it was all the time. The glider was returned loss weight surgery a Dalhousie facility on the Dartmouth waterfront. Fred Whoriskey of the Ocean Tracking Network examined the bite marks and swabbed the damaged area for environmental DNA traces in an attempt to "figure out who the culprit is of this particular attack bromocriptine this innocent autonomous vehicle.

He said the shape of the bite marks rules out a loss weight surgery. He thinks it was most likely a mako or great white shark because they're regularly in the area. Whoriskey said it might even be a tiger shark, which is cold-blooded.

Novartis s r o said they tend to come up later in the summer when the water has warmed up.

It's unclear what prompted loss weight surgery attack. Noise from the propellers or electronic signals may have attracted and irritated the shark. It could have been a taste test to see if the glider was food. We do have loss weight surgery contingency fund, but it's not small change.

The damaged wave glider belongs to Environment and Climate Change Canada and is on long-term loan to Dalhousie University. It was deployed about three weeks ago near a large underwater canyon known as the Gully as part of a project to monitor the loss weight surgery of Atlantic halibut tagged by DFO earlier in the year. It was also measuring meteorological and oceanographic conditions, and sending that data back to shore in real time for use in weather forecasts and climate modelling.

Davis said he believes there loss weight surgery been more gliders in the Atlantic Ocean this year than ever before, meaning more shark strikes are possible. The wave glider was 200 kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia listening loss weight surgery tagged halibut. Health minister's mandate letter outlines N. Moreover, as a club member, you will have a dedicated Customer Service that will be always happy to assist.

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