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This change will typically happen in your first few months of pregnancy. Certain foods and smells may become unbearable to you and even make you extremely nauseated. Hyperosmia can happen when you get a migraine. This heightened sense of smell will happen during the headache phase of your migraine.

Seizures that come from the middle of your temporal lobe -- the part of your brain that the blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arterial wall memories -- can give you a false sense of strong odors. This is considered an olfactory hallucination. Environmental clin chest med hereditary factors can affect your olfactory receptors. You may stop eating certain foods or avoid certain things that have a strong odor to you.

These tests could include:Once your ear, nose, and throat doctor has found the underlying cause of your hyperosmia, they could prescribe a few different treatments. They may recommend that you give up smoking. You might need to address dental hygiene problems that could cause gingivitis.

They may also suggest sinus surgery. In most cases of hyperosmia, though, the heightened sense of smell will only be temporary. If you're pregnant, this condition typically doesn't last past the first trimester. In this Article What Is Hyperosmia. Causes of Hyperosmia Impact of Hyperosmia on Health Treatment for Hyperosmia You may have encountered a time when your sense of smell was heightened.

Causes of HyperosmiaHyperosmia can be temporary and minor, or have lasting effects and be a sign of a more serious condition. What You Need to Know About Hyperosmia.

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